Flying Fish flying fish flying fish

We found the Flying Fish Bridge. Whoa, look at all those flying fish! What colors of flying fish do you see? Say them with me. Orange! Blue! Green! Purple! ¡Anaranjado! ¡Azul! ¡Verde! ¡Morado!

–Dora the Explorer in Swim, Boots, Swim!

The Greek figures, or rhetorical devices, is epistrophe, as you can tell by the repeated end-of-sentence use of flying fish; antanaclasis where Flying Fish (proper noun) turns into flying fish (common noun) in the second clause or occurrence; conduplicatio due to the repeated use of flying fish in multiple instances throughout a paragraph; and rhyme with the see and me. 

There is probably another device having to do with the successive repetition of the colors in different languages or style, diction, or tone. Repotia?

Are there more of these?  You’ll have to buy the book to see.  You can find them in Swim, Boots, Swim! (Dora the Explorer)(Amazon affiliate link).

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